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Our journey took us to Thirty Tigers Records, where I really feel I can be myself.” (Thirty Tigers also distributes music by as Marty Stuart, The Eli Young Band and many more such independent spirits).

Black’s On Purpose Tour comprises a strikingly diverse group of his self-produced songs.

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“To me, it’s only a ‘comeback’ in that I’m putting out something new,” says the award-winning singer-songwriter.

“As someone who has never stopped working, I don’t see me as having gone away, as I tour extensively, write and produce for television, films as well as other artists.” During his hiatus Black was courted by the majors (labels).

His ballads “Only One Way to Live,” “Stay Gone,” “Breathing Air” and “The Last Day” have never cut deeper, while his spirited “Beer” and “Better and Worse” are among the most upbeat songs he has ever crafted.“Time For That,” “Doing It Now For Love” and “Summertime Song” are catchy examples of how groove-soaked his music can be. These new songs continue a stellar career, but of course Clint will also thrill his loyal fans with some top hits such as “A Better Man,” “Killin’ Time,” “Like the Rain”, “When I Said I Do” and “Nothin’ But the Taillights” .