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On May 18, 2015, NJ Transit expanded service to include 3 inbound and 3 outbound weekday trains running from Bay Head directly to New York Penn Station and back.These trains are pulled by ALP-45DP Locomotives since electrification ends at Long Branch.The North Jersey Coast Line is a New Jersey Transit commuter rail service between New York Penn Station or Hoboken Terminal and Bay Head, New Jersey. On rail system maps it is colored light blue, and its symbol is a sailboat.It is based on what was once the New York & Long Branch Railroad which was co-owned by the Central of New Jersey and the Pennsylvania Railroad.Most trains operate between New York Penn Station and Long Branch with frequent rush-hour service and hourly local off-peak service.Diesel shuttle trains between Long Branch and Bay Head meet these electric trains.

Hourly New York to Long Branch service operates on weekends, with bi-hourly diesel shuttle service (with some extra trains) between Long Branch and Bay Head.

Full hourly service operates during the peak summer season.

The line has cab signals and wayside block signals; the line from Rahway to Long Branch is signaled for operation in either direction on both tracks (NORAC Rule 261).

Twelve interlockings facilitate flexibility in operation between the two tracks; these and other interlockings control movements to or from freight lines such as the Chemical Coast Secondary, the Perth Amboy Secondary, and the Monmouth Secondary, as well as Long Branch Yard. Long Branch Yard is fully electrified, and mostly interlocked.

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During weekdays, five round trip diesel trains have run from Bay Head to Hoboken Terminal using the Waterfront Connection since September 9, 1991.Passengers can reach New York via the Northeast Corridor Line at Newark, or PATH at Newark or Hoboken.