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She was awarded "Best Astrologer" by the San Francisco Weekly, was interviewed by CNN in July 2008, and was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and In Style magazine. Ms Levitt is the author of Introduction to Tarot, The Complete Tarot Kit, Teen Feng Shui, Taoist Feng Shui , and Taoist Astrology which are published in eight languages. Bring love and prosperity into your home with a personalized Love and Money Feng Shui report. I'm going to tap into the reports and book a.s.a.p.Learning this ancient Chinese art can help you find, attract, and keep love in your life. Chinese astrology has been used for over a thousand years to help select marriage partners. You might get your strength back after a bout with illness or your anxieties will soon be over. The recommendations are so good I'll be getting more reports not only for myself, but as gifts to friends and loved ones as well.

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The case, which the soprano claims ‘nearly destroyed her life’, has its origins in a deal said to have been struck between Miss Pretorian’s father and Mr Vasile in 1999, which the businessman claimed entitled him to a share of her future earnings as a singer in return for financing her music studies.

Miss Pretorian’s father is said to have agreed on her behalf to pay Mr Vasile 35 per cent of her professional income – ‘earned in such ten years as he might choose’ – in return for a ,900 (£4,400) contribution to the cost of her musical training.

Since then, we have grown to reach friends in over 40 countries around the world.

I have had the pleasure of doing Mah Jong card readings for friends in the Bay Area, Seattle, Saigon and Manila.

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As my knowledge has grown, so has the variety of readings we provide online.

Currently, we have over 12 reports ranging from traditional Four Pillars, to yearly forecasts, to 9 Star Ki, To Mah Jong and finally to a Si Wei Sou Shu (Purple Star) report. Want some tips on how to make this month your sexiest one yet?