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It’s a terrible thing, and the operation is very simple.

, "Miami," but there just aren't many series out there that have done what this great episode did.

In public, we swat at those ideas from bubbling up in our hearts like they're mosquitoes at a BBQ, but given the perfect tick in space and time and butterflies fluttering around, we have no idea what we're capable of (that sounds negative, I don't mean it to sound negative) or even what we want.

Tonight, Louie went down to Miami to do a few shows and hang out on his hotel balcony alone while he looked down at a thriving culture that's the real pulse of the town. Magoo-ish turns of events, Louie was accidentally saved from non-drowning by a handsome and fun bag of Cuban muscle known as Ramon.

But Louis CK feeds on humiliation like a hummingbird on nectar, and he came back in the Daily Double to win with ,399. will donate ,000 to the Fistula Foundation, a group that treats women with the childbirth injury obstetric fistula in developing countries.

In CK’s own words, “Usually it means they become shunned and nobody will hire them or educate them or marry them.

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"Miami" explored the notion that deep down, all humans are confused (and possibly bisexual) beings who are just looking for connection and a little eye contact and someone to pal around with shirtless in the ocean because we all feel confined to the person we're perceived to be.

And it's an especially rare feat on television when it comes from the viewpoint of a middle-aged, balding, overweight father who's fresh off divorce.

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