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19-Apr-2015 20:54

I have kept journals for years but recently discovered the word “Palimpsest”, defined as a manuscript or piece of writing material on which the original writing has been effaced to make room for later writing but of which traces remain – and started to explore the artistic creative possibilities of collaging with my old journals as a mixed media piece.Short description of class: A PORTFOLIO REVIEW WORKSHOP is an opportunity for high school, transfer students and job applicants in visual arts and design to meet with professional artist Renee Balfour and designer Jane Skafte.Strong visual imagery and proper presentation will be a focus, along with resume and support material strength.This two day workshop is designed to help you understand how to create a storyboard for a 32 page illustrated book.

People approach art journal in different ways, and some are like sketch travel logs with hand written notes about the painting/drawing.

I am approaching this more as a collage, covering and uncovering writing with paint and other collage elements.

We will look at, draw, and discuss composition as seen in paintings by master artists.

We will spend the next two days painting a still life. Short description of class: Class will have demonstrations in combining colored pencils with watercolor, burnishing, solvent-marker and as well as hints on how to make the most of that set of watercolor pencils.

Description: In this three day still life painting workshop, the first day will be devoted to drawing as a strategy for developing composition.A range of drawing exercises, such as tonal studies, gestural drawings and thumbnail sketches will be presented, as well as a few practical drawing strategies.