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13-May-2015 05:25

After thorough scrutiny many theories have to be strongly revised and with new fossil finds more and more 'hard facts' see the light of day which change our image of Megatooth completely... Here is his interpretation of what nowadays is under discussion in elasmobranch paleontologist circles.

Hardly anything is known about the Megatooth Shark.

'Megalodon', the supposed ancestor of the Great White Shark, appears as a distinct species at the beginning of the Miocene (about 20 mya) and is thought to have become extinct in the Pleistocene (120,000-10,000 ya).

Some even speculate that these animals are still living today, somewhere in the vast realms of the deep sea. member Lutz Andres is collecting fossil shark teeth.

But this is wishful thinking and ignoring existing evidence as one can easily guess. During recent years he has been studying the evolution of certain shark species.

'Megalodon' - this sonorous name probably evokes fascination and respect in every elasmobranch aficionado because everyone knows those gigantic jaw replicas which give us an idea of the truly monstrous size of this shark.

LINNEAUS, 1758) as a species can be traced back until the early Pliocene (5 mya).Its fossil teeth (Fig.2) can be found worldwide in almost all marine sediments of the correct age, e.g.

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