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31-Jan-2016 22:29

Below are the most common mistakes I see men making on and some simple solutions. Or, the worse crime of all, you uploaded a selfie of you in a bathroom.

Men, please let go of your ego and hire a professional to take a few pictures of you in a suit or at least a suit jacket with some fitted jeans and nice shoes.

Ok, men, aren’t you frustrated that you haven’t been successful in finding the woman of your dreams yet on

Admit it, you know you are at least an 8, you make a good salary, you are successful and have no baggage. I’ll tell you plain and simple – it’s not you; it’s your process.

Get your friend or even the professional, to get some pictures of your doing your favorite activities – preferably both inside and outside.

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Tip: If you do like a woman, write something romantic and email women with your phone number and ask for theirs, rather than becoming pen pals.Again, if you are truly looking for your soul mate, take some time to really write about yourself and about the person you are looking for.