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29-Mar-2016 22:34

Brooks sees international dating today as being on the cusp of respectability — in much the same way online dating was in its early stages, before people accepted it as just another way to meet someone.In March, Anastasia Date was the 29th most popular online dating service period, in a category of 1,400 sites.And the company believes there’s room for expansion.FORTUNE — Anastasia doesn’t seem particularly concerned that I’m not interested in marrying her.The 23-year-old Ukrainian is gamely answering questions in our private Internet chat room, which is costing me about a buck a minute. She’s sending me emoticons and even wants to know what I would title a book that was based on my life.“I think there’s a lot of pent-up demand,” says Chief Strategy Officer Mark Brooks.“People are realizing that there’s a bigger world than ” MORE: This kid wants to reinvent virtual reality To achieve the kind of growth Brooks is hoping for, though, the company will have to overcome the deep stigma surrounding the mail-order bride industry.

The practice conjures images of women desperate to marry out of failing economies; and of unappealing American men looking for a traditional (read: submissive) mate to keep the house clean.Not surprisingly, the growing industry is attempting to shine up its reputation.And thanks to people like me willing to pay to talk with beautiful young women like Anastasia — who was paid to respond — the trade is doing pretty well.Revenue numbers for the mail-order bride industry are hard to come by. Its user growth is even more impressive: The site’s traffic grew 220% in 2012. The advent of globalization and the ubiquity of online dating has set the stage for new-age mail-order bride companies to gain unprecedented popularity.

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(Not really sure, I tell her.) I’m on Anastasia, the leading provider of “premium international dating” services for singles looking for love abroad.

(Her name being the same as the site’s is a coincidence.) Premium international dating is a new name for what’s traditionally referred to as the mail-order bride business.

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