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It's an exciting way to leave a show."The 23-year-old added that - as filming on takes place out of sequence - the last scene he shot for the programme was a humorous one.

He said: "I was lucky that I had quite a funny scene to finish on, so that made life a lot easier in terms of the emotional side of leaving the show.

Robbie starred as Donna Freedman, step-daughter of Matt Freedman (Benjamin Mitchell) in the Australian soap.

Donna was only supposed to be a guest character on the show.

To look like him, the Swedish-born actor spent three months eating 7,000 calories a day and weightlifting, followed by two months of cardio and six small meals a day “to get rid of the body fat,” he says. I didn’t want him to look like a bodybuilder, I wanted every muscle to be there for a reason and have a purpose.” But “I just missed food," Skarsgård says. I could maybe diet for a role briefly, but I couldn’t sustain it,” says the Australian star, who aimed to ditch alcohol for a ‘dry January’ this year. 8th and I was like, 'This has been the worst week of my life.

"I would always finish my little box and be like, 'OK, three hours until my next meal.' ”In person, it’s fun to watch Robbie, next seen in (out Aug. I will never try something as stupid as this again.' ” was worth it."As a kid, I always saw Tarzan as a superhero," he says.

Ringo's shock death came just a few weeks after his fairytale wedding to girlfriend Donna Freedman (Margot Robbie).

In real life, meanwhile, Clark chose to quit the soap in order to concentrate on his music career., and to spend four years somewhere and then to be doing something new right up until the day that you leave is a pretty awesome way to leave a job."I got to do my own stunt and narrowly, in real life, just missed a motorbike coming at me!

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(in theaters Friday), Tarzan and Jane are already married, although the film flashes back so audiences can see their jungle meet-cute.Tarzan (or John Clayton III as he’s called now) fights with Jane over a proposal to go back to Africa; she insists on coming, as does an American named George Washington Williams (Samuel L. It’s there the group must intercept throwback baddie (Christoph Waltz) as he acts as an emissary for Belgium’s King Leopold II, who is secretly enslaving the people of the Congo.“I love the fact that ultimately Tarzan has a choice to make with Jane.

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