Marriage dating customs elizabethan era

20-Jun-2015 01:58

It is important to understand, though, that in England the church was in a tremendous period of transition.This was a result of Henry VIII’s excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church and his subsequent creation of the Anglican Church.By the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the church had become an important part of any marriage.

When Queen Elizabeth I rose to power she made a concerted effort to maintain peace in the potentially volatile struggles between Catholics and Protestants.As a result, a group of highly educated Protestants became extremely critical of the Queen’s religious compromises.Once the intention to marry was made public in church through it was possible to hold a wedding ceremony.Then as now, the first part of a wedding ceremony was the procession.

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These conditions set the stage for music to manifest itself in every walk of life during the Renaissance.Therefore, music was certainly an important element for a memorable Renaissance wedding.