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{ "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/animation", "text": "Animations that may be used with the Reveal Widget." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/command": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/command", "text": "Commands that can be executed under " }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/config": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/config", "text": "Data to be inserted into `$tw.config`." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/filteroperator": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/filteroperator", "text": "Individual filter operator methods." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/global": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/global", "text": "Global data to be inserted into `$tw`." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/isfilteroperator": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/isfilteroperator", "text": "Operands for the ''is'' filter operator." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/macro": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/macro", "text": "Java Script macro definitions." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/parser": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/parser", "text": "Parsers for different content types." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/saver": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/saver", "text": "Savers handle different methods for saving files from the browser." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/startup": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/startup", "text": "Startup functions." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/storyview": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/storyview", "text": "Story views customise the animation and behaviour of list widgets." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/tiddlerdeserializer": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/tiddlerdeserializer", "text": "Converts different content types into tiddlers." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/tiddlerfield": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/tiddlerfield", "text": "Defines the behaviour of an individual tiddler field." }, "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/tiddlermethod": { "title": "$:/language/Docs/Module Types/tiddlermethod", "text": "Adds methods to the `$tw.… continue reading »

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Our hair might be gray and there’s other wrinkles and things that come with aging, but our hearts and our desire to connect to be who we are and who we’ve been our whole life is really the same.… continue reading »

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