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Although many people use it as an outlet for their sexual attraction, masturbating does not actually require sexual attraction in any way. Just because you’re not attracted to anyone doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to take care of yourself.Sometimes people don’t have an orgasm while they masturbate. But that’s not the only reason people have for masturbating. Some people do it because their partners enjoy watching. Some people do it because they want to know what it’s like. Maybe you’re too preoccupied by something else, and your mind’s just not in it. Maybe you’re just not doing it quite the right way, and if you tried a different method, it might feel a lot better.And that’s just a small subset of the reasons that people masturbate. And in rare cases, there is a medical condition that prevents it from feeling good.Usually, this is done for several minutes until orgasm occurs.However, masturbation techniques and outcomes are widely varied. Don’t let anyone talk you into it or force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with doing. Most people who masturbate have, at one time or another, had bland or unsatisfying orgasms.Sometimes people rub against an object of some sort. If you try it out and don’t care for it, you’re free to stop. Some people rarely, if ever get any pleasure from it.

Masturbation should never hurt, so if it does hurt, you should probably stop and change what you’re doing. But that discussion is outside of the scope of this guide.) Does masturbating mean I’m not asexual?Masturbation, at its core, is a physical act which has nothing to do with sexual attraction. No matter how you masturbate, whether you use anatomically correct toys, whether you do something that simulates or resembles partnered sex in some way, whether or not you enjoy it, and no matter what body parts you choose to involve nor how you choose to involve them, none of it will ever make you straight or gay or whatever or ever mean you’re not asexual. Masturbation is the self-stimulation of the genitals, typically to orgasm. Masturbation is touching yourself downstairs in a way that causes your body to respond.It’s also known as “jacking off”, “jilling off”, “playing with yourself”, and roughly three hundred thousand other euphemisms.

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One such condition is sexual anhedonia, which is the inability to feel pleasure from sexual activities.

Talk to a doctor if you think you might have that and you feel that it’s a problem.