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The acting veteran is only 13, but he’s already appeared on NBC’s .On top of his acting, he’s a master at curating a great Instagram account, and he knows what fans want — adorable throwback photos.The next movie I’m popping into is the new dark comedy/satire indie short, "Are You Afraid of the '90s? I felt that if I reprised the role, it would somehow soil the ending of Dollhouse and I didn't want dawn to be remembered in any other way My favorite book.................. I just finished reading " The Weight of Water" by Anita Shreve. I'm also currently rereading Shirley Maclaines' "Dancing in the Light". Just did an interview for the behind the scenes footage!! In that case, I'd take a lesson from Michonne in "Walking Dead" and take up a sword. I've been working for over 20 years, and never allowed myself to even question my choices. One is "The Weight of Water" I love photography, and I'm also an avid reader. " in the lead role of Jessica Russo, who becomes haunted by her '90s toys after moving back home with her parents. I'M GETTING READY TO WALK THE DOG, SO I'VE GOTTA BOUNCE! Nerdy things like fencing in Highschool can have their perks. I would say every movie I've done has been my favorite while I'm working on it. And while it was scary, it was also very liberating and got me back to the feeling I had as a kid, which was a sense of pure wonderment and joy. How I do anything, as cheesy and woo-woo as it sounds.... I don't know that I ever thought about the age factor at the time. I’ve been around popping in and out of movies for the past 20 years...... I'm always looking to play someone who scares me, or challenges me in some way. And I choose my roles based on the story first and foremost, and does the character speak to me? When my feelings aroused, I know I've found something good, and that's rare... He know's exactly what he wants, and that's always preferable when you're being directed. the weirdest was also the grossest which was " So, can I rape you at 3 o'clock? But the biggest thing that I've learned from my experience is this, to be willing to walk away and not hold onto anything out of fear. Some of you may know me from Princess Diaries, while others of you may know me from Hostel 2, or Roseanne, or perhaps Devils Advocate, Sorority Boys, or even Welcome to the Dollhouse. And how I prepare is different for each role I'm playing That 's like asking a parent to pick their "favorite" child. Seriously though, each role I've played has been my favorite, because each role has taught me something new about myself. I loved the idea of leaving dawn on the bus, full of hope and optimism, on her way to Disney. I wish I had an answer for you on that one, except to say, politics. "Now and Again" is coming out on DVD over the summer!!!!! " My answer: Fuck no Well, you didn't specify that we were dealing with super mutants and feral ghouls. I had a moment when I stepped away because I needed to ask myself if this was still something I wanted to do. I am an avid reader, so there are many books that I would love to bring to the screen. Kate Moran ( writer and director) reached out and asked if I would like to be a part of it. Kraft Mac and Cheese for when I'm feeling really blue.

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More info here: (link) or here: (link) I’m really stoked to start answering your questions, so let’s get started!!!!! Some people do, and I ignore them, because um....... I would say the skill of cooperation and diplomacy. And i got a sunburn on my butt from sitting on the sidewalk too long while watching a parade.....