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Together they embark on an adventure that will take them thousands of miles from Jamie's beloved Scottish Highlands and imperil their lives at nearly every turn.They will meet people from all over the world as they conduct their desperate search for Ian, all the while being eternally bound by their unshakable love for one another.series which takes the reader on a wild ride full of action, adventure, romance, mystery, history, and paranormal phenomena that keeps the story moving at a pretty good clip.On the occasions where things did slow down a bit, it was usually to introduce a new character or add some character development, but before I knew it, yet another exciting event was occurring.When evidence comes to light suggesting that Jamie wasn't killed after all, Claire and Brianna further enlist the help of Roger Wakefield, a renowned young historian, to help them find Jamie in the historical record.After a lengthy search finally locates him 200 years in the past, Claire boldly decides to travel back in time once again to be reunited with the lost love of her life.For twenty years, Claire Randall Fraser has thought that her beloved husband, Jamie, died at the Battle of Culloden immediately following her return to the 20th century.

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Jamie is now living the dangerous, covert life of a smuggler, and when his young nephew, Ian, is kidnapped by pirates, Jamie and Claire will have to move heaven and earth to get him back.

Diana Gabaldon also writes all their varying accents amazingly well, so that I could "hear" the distinctions of each one in my head as I read.

All the characters came together to create a disparate, but fascinating and well-blended cast, and I enjoyed reading about each and every one of them.

reunites star-crossed lovers Jamie and Claire after a twenty year separation, then sweeps them along from the beautiful Scottish Highlands, to a brief visit in France, then on to the exotic Caribbean Islands and beyond as they tirelessly search for Jamie's missing nephew.

The cultural, racial and ethnic diversity was astounding with nearly every race being represented in some way, as well as a wide variety of European cultures.In my opinion, Jamie is the most perfect fictional romantic hero of all-time.

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