Mayan dating system

07-Apr-2015 19:35

In 1832, a Franco-American savant and polymath named Constantine Rafinesque used his time to research the Mayan culture.Early epigraphers claimed that there was little in these texts beyond the study of time and astronomy.It was often thought, because of the profound consistency of recorded dates, that the Mayan's basis of religious worship was time.This is because astronomic and calendric symbols were found on many of the first texts to be deciphered.There were also many chronological expressions found in Mayan writing.The sun, the ruler of the cosmos, plays a big part in your calendar, which, in turn, demands respect and sacrifice.During the course of this month, the accuracy of the calendar has helped the Maya with planting and harvesting.

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The three perfectly placed stone rings below help him keep track of this astronomical cycle.

It is also the end of a katun of the Long Count calendar, which points every fifth year to a public ceremony.

You notice that everyone is aware that the perfect time has come for the ceremony.

As the Mayan king makes his way to the top of the staircase, the sun begins to set.

These sacred harvesting cycles represent the purpose of tonight's ceremony.

This purpose relates to the creation and destruction of the world, and having a stable relationship with the gods.

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