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During that time, the sale, manufacture, and transportation (bootlegging) of alcoholic beverages was illegal throughout the United States, Although the phrase may have first come to prominence in the United States because of raids on unlicensed saloons in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, the phrase "speak easy shop", denoting a place where unlicensed liquor sales were made, appeared in a British naval memoir written in 1844.establishments that sold alcoholic beverages illegally, and they are still in use today.Even though police and agents of the Bureau of Prohibition would often raid them and arrest their owners and patrons, they were so profitable that they continued to flourish.

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You pull out the drawer, drop in your change, shove the drawer back, call for what you want and then pull out the drawer again and there it is, "Straight" or "Spiked" just as you'd have it.Nobody is heard or seen, and the blind tiger, apparently without any keeper, works like a charm.

Even covens vary wildly in how they go about things.… continue reading »

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“Tax evasion is reaching into the pocket of every law-abiding citizen in Southern Illinois and stealing from that person. (AMI), and AMI O LLC, which are located in Madison County, Illinois, admitted in court that he willfully attempted to evade and defeat a large part of the income tax due and owing the United States of America by filing a false and fraudulent U. Individual Income Tax Return with the Internal Revenue Service.… continue reading »

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