Media center epg not updating

14-Aug-2016 11:25

Apparently, Microsoft is doing a staggered rollout of the changeover, so maybe I will be able to switch my second machine at some point, we'll see.

However, I have an additional problem with the new provider.

If I enter my zip code in WMC setup, I get data for one city's stations.

If I go out of the guide and back in, the 3 day prompt starts the process all over again.

I've seen references on several forums to guide data downloading problems (mostly 3 to 5 years old), with dozens of different fixes, none of which seems to work in all instances, but my situation seems to be related to updating the data, not downloading it.

Not sure if I have the right forum for this topic - please move the thread if necessary.

I have 2 Windows 7 machines with Media Center set up for local TV reception via 2 HDHomerun HDHR3-US tuner modules and 2 antennas.

Media Center on both machines has been working fine for several years, but in the last few days I've had a problem with guide data.

I can go into a channel and view it, but without the guide data cannot use the DVR functions or know what show is currently on that channel. From the above posts and some other references, I determined that Microsoft is changing providers for the WMC guide data and the transition has not been smooth.I know Windows 10 will not include Media Center, but did Microsoft have to cripple it for those sticking with Windows 7? I was able to get 1 of my 2 Win7 machines to change providers by rerunning Settings Windows Media Center Setup, but the same procedure didn't work on the second machine.I live in the reception area for 2 different cities and have antennas pointed in each direction.But the new guide data provider will only allow me to get data for one or the other.

A prompt says the guide data is only current for another 3 days and do I want to download the latest update.

I do that and a prompt appears shortly saying the download was successful, but the screen never updates with the downloaded data - it just says data unavailable.