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21-Feb-2016 12:40

I seem to get the serious roles but comedy would be fun. I don’t like being called just an actress because people stop referring to you as a human being.French cinema has provided some truly impressive actresses from Catherine Deneuve to Juliette Binoche but few have proven quite as talented as Mélanie Laurent. They say, “You’re an actress, you’re not real, you don’t have feelings.” What are your career rules?Not only has this icy blonde recorded a debut album ( with Ewan Mc Gregor. Gérard Depardieu told me three things: firstly, forget acting school.What she says about: luck playing a part in her career ‘When I was little I wanted to be a singer and a director.The actress thing just appeared because of Depardieu and if I didn’t meet him maybe I would be another person today.She’s just finished playing Ewan Mcgregor’s girlfriend in Mike Mills’ Beginners.

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I wanted to make some beautiful shots, and for me it was great training as a director.

Interesting fact Her grandfather survived deportation by the Nazis and now gives advice to Laurent on Jewish characters she should play.

Name Melanie Laurent Born21 February 1983 Background Born and raised in Paris, Melanie Laurent has Obelix to thank for her acting career.

Gerard Depardieu was playing the comic strongman in the movie adaptation when he spotted a 14-year-old Laurent hanging out on set and handed her an audition, and subsequently a role, in his 1999 directorial effort The Bridge.

She certainly comes from good film stock; her dad is a voiceover artist who gives The Simpsons’ Ned Flanders a Gaelic reworking and her maternal grandparents designed movie posters. Her biggest role to date was starring in Quentin Tarantino’s World War 2 bonanza Inglourious Basterds. Laurent plays a virtuoso violinist with a mysterious past in The Concert.The music act is not just confined to the silver screen as she is currently also working on her debut album, which is being produced by her boyfriend Damien Rice.

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