Middle age dating and sex

11-Jan-2016 10:44

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(Or perhaps they’re too preoccupied being mad at them.) Those reasons might be true for some wives.

But give those mid-life women divorce papers and a new lover or two, and just watch what happens.

” Divorced men and divorced fathers are allowed to remove love from sex. They’re judged much more harshly for harnessing their sexuality.

“There is a fear that a single mother’s sexuality will jeopardize her child,” Martha Albertson Fineman, law professor and author of “The Neutered Mother, The Sexual Family and Other Twentieth Century Tragedies,” tells Brain, Child magazine.

Despite the myths about middle-age women no longer being sexual beings, I have never met one who didn’t appreciate being seen — and didn’t feel — like one post-divorce.

I spent most of the first year after my divorce focusing on my kids, my career and doing essential self-care.

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You are expected to put your children’s issues above your own, including your career and your sexual appetites.” Which is indeed what women overwhelmingly do in their marriages.

In a Kinsey Institute study of sexual satisfaction in the United States, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Japan, women in committed relationships report feeling more sexually satisfied after 25 years, much more so than in they do in the first 10 years.

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