Mikes dating rules for girls

04-Oct-2016 10:00

And what kind of girl would he like to see Mike with? "It's definitely not rewarding [being his voice of reason]. I wish that things had turned out differently for Mike," he said."What I'm doing for Mike is I'm mixing, 'cause he gave a budget to work with.I'm mixing vintage mid-century modern pieces that I'm buying [online] and in local stores with less expensive things from CB2 and West Elm.I'm buying him great '70s art, knick knacks, Jonathan Adler pieces.So it's gong to look like he's collected these things for a really long time." As for Mike's dating life, Reza thinks that he should be having some fun after his lengthy relationship with Jessica Parido."Well, he just moved into a new Hollywood Hills home.He has asked me to decorate it for him and we're almost done.

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And he's like, 'Well I have a decorator.' I don't know if he's dating, but I know he's f***ing — a lot." So what about Mike's home has left everyone gushing when they come over to Netflix and chill?

"Here's my tip, when you're decorating you cannot go to one place and buy everything from that place," he said.

The place is going to look spectacular and he's been having bitches come over to like [hang] and stuff," Reza told .

"He's like, 'Rez, girls come over and they're like, who did this? ' Because no straight man would make a place look this great.

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(They dated for several years before marrying in March 2015 but ultimately announced their divorce last November.) "Homeboy needs to chill out.

He needs to cleanse himself of that toxic Jessica energy and then once he's clean, then open himself up to a serious relationship," he said. Do the thing you know you need to do to be happy." Still, Reza says, it hasn't been easy to watch his friend deal with the fallout of his marriage ending.

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