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You are the merry-go-round, the ferris wheel and the tilt-a-whirl.

So if you are not ready for a sexual relationship, he should not visit. You should meet him half the distance for coffee or a quick lunch, and keep it moving.

Yes, I've been close to the altar, but something always happens and the relationship ends.

Would you let me know if you think I should set some boundaries and some rules with my new guy before he comes? Should I cook meals for him or should we eat out for every meal while he's here?

I haven't been in a committed relationship for three years.Over the phone, we are a good match, but I'm nervous about meeting him in person.I read Steve Harvey's book I think he's right when he talks about the 90-day plan. Here's where my big mouth will get me in trouble: Many Christian women are naïve. I think we Christian women have a hard time discussing sex and intimacy in our culture. You mention sex, and people leave the room like a million bees are swarming around them.Women shouldn't give a man the "cookies" when he hasn't paid any benefits (a ring, a wedding and I do). He's been divorced for five years and has two children who are the apple of his eye. You are 45 years old and wondering if you should invite him to your place or cook for him? Why do you think he's driving 100 miles from Fort Benning to come to Atlanta to visit you?

Sincerely, Not Giving the Cookies Dear Cookies, To clarify your situation, I wrote you back and asked for more details. Lady, he's coming to the De Kalb County fair and you are the ride!!After all, if you can't stomach the guy over a cup of coffee, then you have your answer. What you should read is "Act Like a Lady but Think Like Ms. Trust me, I'm giving you real experience, raw data from high heels and boots on the ground.