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Vamana avatar who killed the beloved Asura king ( Thiyyas were the Asuras ) Mahabali and later Parashurama , to grab the lands and donate it to Namoodiris.

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Parashurama came in 4000 BC from Saraswati river along with the Brahmins. He then donated all lands to the newly formed class, Namboodiris- who would geminate and produce their own Kshatriya Nair class.The ordinary people of Kerala suffered from Vishnu’s two avatars.These Aryan Indians arrived from the Saraswati river region ( near Indus ) 6000 years ago, after a tectonic shift caused the river to be non-perennial.They walked along the west coast of India till they reached Kerala.

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It was graded inequality to sustain society in a harmonious manner — Brahmins ( knowledge , spiritual matters ) , Kshatriyas ( executive matters and defence ) , Vaishyas ( skilled workers and traders ) , Sudras ( unskilled labourers ). They are the Brahmins, who will hold the land —everybody else are untouchables.Even the King ( from Khatriya clan ) was subservient to these chosen men of Parashurama.