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In some of the holes partly charred wood remnants are found, showing that the pumice was still hot enough to burn the tree when it was falling.rhyodacitic magma and is ranked VEI=6 (Volcanic Explosivity Index after Simkin and others, 1981).The eruption was followed by collapse of the magma chamber that enlarged an existing caldera.The fine-grained yellowish precursory ash deposit (BO-0) overlying the pre-Minoan soil as it appears in the quarry near Megalochori.A thin veneer of the first pumice fall layer has been preserved from intense quarrying.

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Among the most important works are Fouqu (1879), Reck (1936), Bond and Sparks (1976), Pichler and Kussmaul (1980), Pichler and Friedrich (1980), Heiken and Mc Coy (1984) and Druitt and others (1989) (Heiken and Mc Coy (1984, 1990) describe up to 4 very fine-grained yellow, orange-brown and/or light gray layers of fine ashes, lapilli-sized rounded pumice and lithic fragments that are present in southern Thera.

Their thickness is in the range of 1 to 4 centimeters.

The first pumice fall deposit near Athinios, here about 5 m thick.

Walter Friedrich points to holes in the deposit that once were the trunk and branches of a tree.

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The height of the plinian eruption column is estimated 36-39 km (Pyle, 1990).

It dispersed tephra throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and might have led to global climatic impacts.

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