Mistakes women make on dating profiles

07-Feb-2016 16:01

Online dating profiles do not require, nor give you the right to share an epic romance novel with the world.

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It also tells me if we make one little mistake with you, you’re going to take our balls, and you’re going to crush them into little pieces. As some of you know, a few weeks ago I ran a special offer where I would rewrite your online dating profile. We do not want to see the second coming of Ariel and Eric in the Little Mermaid.I’ve found 3 common mistakes 99% of women seem to make on their online dating profiles, so if you’re looking for love online you need to pay attention to this very carefully.

These 3 mistakes are guaranteed to keep your inbox full of nothing but players and guys wanting the late night booty call!

“Right I need some eggs, a couple of pints of yogurt, a gallon of milk, a bag of cookies, and some aspirin to deal with all these lists I’m writing! I have to squint to actually find you, and when I do, you’re standing next to other people so I’m not even sure which one you are.