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09-Feb-2015 00:41

I already have a digital camera and a cell phone, which could be replaced with a smart phone.

(the camera is starting to have issues, so I may have to do this soon).

Android 4.0 is supposed to support USB host, allowing it to run external devices. Here's my situation: I'm an energy auditor / homre performance consultant.

I assume drivers would be needed and software created. I'm surprised no one even replies to this question. I want to buy a cheap borescope (device that allows you to see into small openings) that just has a USB output, and display the real-time video on a smartphone (and possibly capture still shots or video as well).

I would like to record video footage from a secondary cam (webcam via USB) to android mobile phone micro sd card. Basically looking for a app that will recognise various video input formats (digital or analog) Hey Riaan, Have you had any luck in figuring out a solution?

I would also be very much interested in hooking up a webcam to my Desire S, to be used as an external camera. Let me know if you figure it out & I'll do likewise, would be much appreciated. tkur Likewise - I want to use a smart phone to record HD video through a USB webcam.

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Helmet cams are available but all have serious flaws.

I've read that Android version 3.1 and up supports USB Host mode. Will I have to find a driver, or an app to make it work? Here's my situation: I'm an energy auditor / homre performance consultant.

so the best medicine is to sit infront of my i Mac and color. … continue reading »

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