Models dating hockey players

13-Jul-2015 08:35

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I'm pretty sure wife health care benefits include shit like laser hair removal and tanning.

If you date a guy who plays, you'll be watching a lot of hockey.

Or "chirps." They make up some hilarious slew of insults and throw "bud" on the end of it.

Dating a hockey player will definitely expand your vocabulary.

Maybe this is sexist--I'm not sure--but I just can't deal with another soft guy. They're like football players, but they actually have brains.

Now that you know WHY to DATE one, you just gotta figure out how.

All athletes are pretty cool; hockey players, though, are the coolest.

If the NHL doesn't convince you that they're just the hottest breed of guy, here's a few more reasons to get you to switch teams.

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It'd probably never come to this, but you know that he could totally kick the shit out of someone if you needed him to. As freshmen, most of them can buy booze; that's enough to date one.

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