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This module implements the Russian stemming algorithm to improve Russian-language searching with the Drupal built-in search.module D6 and Search API for Drupal 7.

Stemming attempts to reduce a word to its stem or root form.

Unique addons by ua: - high-quality front end Russian localization; - ISPManager module; - registrar modules: Reg. Ru; - payment gateway modules: Web Money, 2Check Out, Liq Pay, Web, Inter Kassa, Z-Payment, ROBOKassa, Spry Pay, PRO Change, RBK Money, Lend Shop. We are proud to be the certified WHMCS Reseller in post-soviet Internet segment. Best regards All modules: Gateways: -Web Money -Web -2Check Out (with comission) -Pay Pal (with comission) -ROBOKassa -Inter Kassa -RBK Money -Yandex.

The MLM is funded by the Roscosmos State Corporation.

At the end of 2005, the European Space Agency (ESA) agreed with the Russians that the European Robotic Arm would be launched together with Nauka, mated on its surface for a later deployment in space.

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In the original ISS plans, Nauka was to use the location of the Docking and Stowage Module.Later, the DSM was moved to Zaryas nadir port, replacing Pirs.