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Apparently, manipulated assault now counts as cheating.

John Hughes movies, as fun and nostalgia-provoking as they are, have a world of problems when it comes to sexism and racism.

Jake then takes his scuminess a step further and offers the Geek a trade: Sam’s panties for a night with the still-plastered Caroline.

The Geek immediately agrees, and they take off, Jake physically carrying his girlfriend to go do who knows what with a near stranger in exchange for another woman’s underwear. Jake then convinces his drunk girlfriend that the man driving off with her is actually her boyfriend and not a random near-stranger who bought her body at a party.

All of this happens, and all of these things are supposed to be played for laughs. Just in case you thought this was one of those times when an ’80s comedy got uncomfortably close to the line of date rape before running away, no, that isn’t the case. The Geek and Caroline wake up the next morning, and both assume they had sex.

The Geek even has the audacity to ask her if she liked it, and she says she thinks she did. The only repercussion to date raping a woman is making a popular girl like you more. As an added awful bonus, Jake later uses this horrible plot point — which, if you’ve forgotten, he set up — as a reason to break up with Caroline.

Thankfully, our leading couple finally ends up together, and only one woman was date raped in the process. The character, as portrayed by Haviland Morris, gets incredibly drunk after the senior dance, which leads to Anthony Michael Hall’s character, the Geek, to have sex with with her, despite her being too drunk to give her consent. Popular boy Jake has been dating popular girl Caroline for a while now because that’s how things work at the beginning of John Hughes movies.However, Jake secretly wants to be with Sam (Molly Ringwald), who not-so-secretly wants to be with him, too. A lot of antics ensue that were acceptable in 1984 but are cringe-worthy now, and the Geek finds himself in possession of a pair of Sam’s underwear. The Geek and Jake bond while cleaning up after the party, with Jake lamenting about not being with Sam.

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