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13-Sep-2015 06:35

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thats funny cuz since i was born never used one of them !!

by the way those toilets exist even in S.korea one of the most high tech countries..people of morocco are welcoming and and...

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interesting i wonder if you were talking about moroccans here or some other nation in the universe, toilets ...but don't go with someone who ask you to meet his friend ( i won't do that even in danemark one of the safest places in the whole planet) marriage the conditions who have shown us it's only for moroccans ,about the language i feel like you were complaining that you can find any english signs !!hello you are in an arab country when i visited the us last year i had to read things in english :) so ?First off , i am an American Muslim and so expected to live by the mores of the Moroccans from the start.

If you are Moroccan you must be arabic moroccan, not amazigh, because only an arab is going to insist "get used to it you are in an arabic country.i do agree though that the comment about avoiding going shopping if they want to bring a friend seems over the top...i mean that can happen anywhere in the world..just need to say, "No! I have lived in Morocco for almost 2 years now and i love it here .

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