Most common dating mistakes men make

19-Jul-2015 05:31

Watching my girls dismiss guys is like watching Maximus fight in the Coliseum in Gladiator.

However, I can’t help but watch and feel sorry for guys.

The first level of leadership is personal, where you take control of your life and your emotions.

You cannot hope to lead others if you cannot lead yourself, and you certainly won’t be able to inspire a hot girl to follow you if you exhibit signals that you are not the driving force in your life.

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Often times it doesn’t matter what (obviously not playing computer games), but you do get extra props if it’s something that will positively impact other people. The competition is too fierce to be wishy-washy and too unclear about what makes you masculine and attractive.

The all-important question that you must ask yourself and then learn to communicate with women is “WHY? You should ask that question about everything which takes up significant amount of time in your day.

Hobbies, friends you hang out with, Television shows you watch.

The most frustrating thing is when you’re talking to a hottie, and for some unknown reason she goes cold and blows you out…I mean, WTF! Then I discovered a couple of key things that changed the way I approached and as a result sky-rocketed my game.

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And boy, do they use these tools to fend off the advances of the “adorable dork.” Exceptionally beautiful women have “blow outs” almost down to an art form.None of the big events in your life should be happening without your consent and careful consideration.

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