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If you own maples, the best option to take is to add mycorrhizal fungi, which will help make your soil more suited for your maple tree, and will also directly benefit the maple.

Popularity These maple trees are gaining in popularity because of their fall colour.

Most Maple trees are deciduous but there are a few evergreen species in the Mediterranean region and Southern Asia. The flowers are quite small but when found in huge numbers in a tree can give amazingly colourful results.

The most popular use of maples is as ornamental trees, and you can see them in many homes, municipalities and businesses.

Some maples give a brilliant red colour while others are a spectacular yellow.

They are also widely used in the bonsai art, because they respond ideally to techniques that are used for leaf ramification and reduction, and many of the maple species can be used.

Maples are obviously important as sources of wood and syrup.

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Other closely-related species of the Sugar Maple can also be used, but they do not yield as much syrup. The soil used determines how much water and nutrients the plant gets, and also affects how well the tree can use the water and nutrients.Using the perfect soil for a maple means that it will be able to handle living in an urban environment and be able to fight diseases.