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Under Portuguese rule, Mozambique had provided huge amounts of labour, as well as two-way trade, to South Africa and Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), ensuring a constant stream of revenue to the colonial government.

Revolution There are only a sparse handful of signs, so we turn to Big Brother Google for guidance and follow a map to Mbuzini, the town closest to the memorial to the president whose revolution changed Mozambique.

Built at a cost of US0,000 to the ANC government, the monument was declared a South African national heritage site in 2006, seven years after its inauguration by peace icon Nelson Mandela and former Mozambique president, Joaquim Chissano.

Their abrupt and destructive exit threw the newly independent country into economic upheaval.

The colonial system had excluded black people from most professional fields, ensuring that the technical aspects of industrial and agricultural production remained almost entirely in Portuguese hands.

The colossal skills gap that followed the mass exodus – combined with acts of sabotage by the departing Portuguese – caused production to plummet, dealing a severe blow to the country’s finances.

Relations soured The blow was worsened by changing patterns of labour and trade.

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An ardent socialist, he nationalised all land and property, and spearheaded the establishment of public schools and clinics across the country.He also banned religion, provoking the wrath of international churches that had massive investments in the country.