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by Eastman Kodak as an improvement of the older "Double" or "Regular" 8 mm home movie format.

The film is nominally 8 mm wide, the same as older formatted 8mm film, but the dimensions of the rectangular perforations along one edge are smaller, which allows for greater exposed area.

Launched in 1965 by Eastman Kodak at the 1964-65 Worlds Fair, Super 8 film comes in plastic light-proof cartridges containing coaxial supply and take up spools loaded with 50 feet (15 m) of film, with 72 frames per foot, for a total of approximately 3,600 frames per film cartridge.

This is enough film for 2.5 minutes at the professional motion picture standard of 24 frames per second, and for 3 minutes and 20 seconds of continuous filming at 18 frames per second (upgraded from Standard 8 mm's 16 frame/s) for amateur use.

There are several different varieties of the film system used for shooting, but the final film in each case has the same dimensions.

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The Super 8 standard also allocates the border opposite the perforations for an oxide stripe upon which sound can be magnetically recorded.

Unlike Super 35, the film stock used for Super 8 is not compatible with standard 8mm film cameras.

The sound and 200' cartridge system are no longer available, but the 50' silent cartridge system is still in manufacture.

Historically, Super 8 film was a reversal stock for home projection used primarily for the creation of home movies.

It became an extremely popular consumer product in the late 1960s through the 1970s, but was largely replaced in 1980 by the use of video tape.

During the mid to late 1980s Super 8 began to re-emerge as an alternative method for movie production, beginning with its use in MTV Music Videos in 1981.

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