My sirius radio says updating channels

18-Sep-2016 00:24

my sirius radio says updating channels-44

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How many times have YOU been disconnected from a phone call with them when you mention "CANCEL"? Just got a package from Sirius XM suggesting I might want to get their apps to allow me to listen to their radio on my i Pad and i Phone.

I was curious and followed their link to their website but was then asked to create an account (which I thought I already had given that I received an account number in the package sent to me) but tried to establish an account.

As soon as I give him that, he asked, "And for security purposes, I have to ask you, what is your relationship with David? You notice the there is NO ability to disconnect service on the web page.The 3rd call, I didn't mention cancellation until they had all of my information and was asked what was needed.Obviously they didn't hang up on the call because they were very kind and took care of the cancellation.This led to an hour of repeated 'reset your password' instructions, two phone calls to people who had no clue how to assist.

This last time, the individual stayed on the line and took care of my needs.

Not really sure what tactics are being played here, but I do NOT appreciate being hung up on.