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23-Jul-2015 15:45

If you can’t stand the thought of another blind date or your latest matches makes you want to run and hide, other people will sense it. Deactivate your profile, embrace alone-ness and the chance to NOT date and not look.

When you feel like it, you’ll go back refreshed and more able to shake it off and move on when things don’t pan out as you hope. Despite its drawbacks, online dating can be a brilliant tool for meeting great people you’d never in a million years bump into down at your local.

It’s definitely a place where you require not just a thick skin, but something comparable to a rhino hide.

And there’s no quick fix for this one; it’s simply a trait you develop with time (and, yes, after crap experiences).

I’ve been online dating for a year now and have met some fantastic people. And yes, the whole disposable, plenty-more-profiles-where-she/he-came-from vibe can come as a shock to a first-timer.

I’ve never been good at it but when you’re dating online there seems to be so much more of it. Is there a way I can just get used to it and move on instead of treating each rejection almost like a mini-break-up? he online dating world is like courtship on speed; people can play out half a relationship before they even deign to meet for coffee.

Ghosting denies someone else of closure so that they can move on, and learn from the experience.

There will always be the odd bad egg, but going with a site that filters people can leave you a bit more in control.

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