Mystery method online dating profile

01-Apr-2016 10:54

I'm Tyler, and I created Riskology to be a community where introverts master their psychology and make a dent in their universe—little steps every day to build something great.

But just how do you go about presenting yourself online?

Maybe you’d prefer to incorporate song lyrics (please, nothing cheesy, more like ‘Boho Rhapsody’) or casual pop culture references. Next you’ll move on to the personal description part of your profile.

‘Crazy Cat Chick’ is more likely to engage someone and make them laugh (in a good way) than say.. This is crucial to the kind of people you want to attract. Do not abbreviate words, do not substitute numerals for sounds (GR8, anyone?

Use your first name, or a nickname if it’s available but never use your last name.

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You want this to be relevant to you without disclosing any personal details.

‘Hot Gurl’ is not particularly attractive and isn’t likely to bring the quality suitors knocking on your door.

You could make your username a funny play on words, a great way to draw the attention of a humorous date.

Most people look at your pictures first (we’ll get on to that a bit later on) but at some stage they’re going to read your profile. ) and absolutely make yourself familiar with the fundamentals of grammar. You want to be engaging and stand out from the crowd.

You can try to blend words instead, or use your first and middle name.

Steer well clear of the use of inappropriate vowels.

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