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23-Sep-2016 18:32

The Oddly Specific Dating sites for tall and short people: is a site for short people to seek out people of similar stature.However, this site is determined to keep that from happening.

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dating gay georgia Only a true gold-digger would find a way to make a profit off of gold-digging.The women on this site consist of gorgeous 20-something girls whose ample bosoms appear to compensate for their complete lack of Crazy in love, or just plain crazy? Members on this site have a history of severe mental illness and are looking for love from someone other than their therapist (and/or their invisible friends).Better pop a Xanex before you head out on that date…brings a whole new meaning to using “restraints.” Date Craft: Personally, I had always assumed that the generation of socially-challenged people who spend their lives glued to their La-Z-boy while playing World of Warcraft for days at a time, would eventually go extinct due to their lack of interest in procreating with anyone other than their hand and their avatar.

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There are no profile pictures, and anonymity as well as a successful extramarital fling is guaranteed with membership.While it may be hard to believe that people would do such a thing, 14,000,000 members certainly prove otherwise.

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