Nagasawa masami dating rumors dating gay dad and boy

28-Apr-2015 22:33

Comparisons were made to other celebrities like Kinoshita Yukina and halfie-looking model Suzanne, whose claim to fame are their air-headed and baka-antics, but who are, when the cameras are not around, steady characters with self-awareness and not that stupid after all.

In contrast, Ayase Haruka reportedly can’t even read secondary school-level Kanji characters and “doesn’t think of consequences”.

) but even then, it’s strange that I saw them in Chinese papers and so far not in the Japanese ones.

HAHA ^_^ (Source: Mainichi) *a little aside* Looking at Oguri Shun’s photos nowadays, I get the feeling that he’s deliberately uglifying himself so as to discourage the fangirl-craziness that is positively raging in Japan now…

as a struggling student’s who spends an inordinate amount of time on frivolous japanese entame news, i thought i might as well treat it as my aru-bai-to –arbeit, meaning part-time job in japanese — and serve some ads, which wordpress disallows.

There are times when some fellow talents ask her for her number with secret intentions that are plain for all to see.

In comparison, Kimu Taku’s CHANGE scored a 19.7% on Monday, 9th June 2008.

I haven’t watched Last Friends yet (but Lisa has, and raves about Ryo + Ueno Juri) but CHANGE was quite boring, script-wise. Also has anybody heard about Nagasawa Masami’s night-out-and-cuddle with Eita?

I read it in the Chinese papers O_O but they’re more or less full of crap, because they carried on to report that after Eita left the club Nagasawa Masami continued partying with unknown guys at the club and they painted the portrait of a very loose girl.Well I’m quite HAPPY that she’s portrayed as such (don’t like her!