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JOEL KAHN BY FOODBABE I do not want to burst your bubble, but the medical system is under severe stress and serious mistakes happen daily. w/Michigan Event Services has offered to donate his time and photo booth at this years 4th Annual Charity Coat Drive. According to a poll by Runner’s World, 43% of women runners say they are harassed with catcalls, whistles, sexual remarks, and honking while on a run.Only 4% of men say they have ever experienced harassment while running.November is Transgender Awareness Month and this year’s theme is “True to You”—how every person has the right to identify as their authentic self without fear of discrimination. What a privilege, to care for folks when they are ill, vulnerable and afraid. My life’s course was set: I too wanted to be this kind of hero.Then, I would be able to help them rise and restore themselves.To give them back their health and life, that would my charge.... This article was originally published on Dr Joel AN INTERVIEW WITH DR. 12th and have some FUN taking some photos and making memories...Why is cooking food at high temperatures a problem?

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More survey results: 1 in 4 women say they schedule their runs during daylight hours when they feel safest.

Data pulled from WXYZ (WXYZ) – A new study out of Scotland links foods cooked at high temperatures to heart disease.

In all seriousness, PJ is so excited to be working with Jase and can't wait to talk her way out of awkward situations!

Tune in for some ridiculous chat, honest peeps and big songs!

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Jase met PJ and it felt like he was on an awkward date with his sister... When Jase was asked if he wanted to hang out with her every afternoon, travel around New Zealand and throw massive parties for ZM listeners..couldn’t say no!When PJ met Jase she couldn’t believe how ridiculously good looking the man was, the sexual spark was hard to ignore and when she was offered a ridiculously low wage to be in his presence each afternoon she couldn’t say no (for the record this quote was not written by Jase...).