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This rocky panoramic scene is the second picture of the Martian surface that was taken by Viking Lander 2 shortly after touchdown on Sept. The site is on a northern plain of Mars known as Utopia Planitia.During your downtime this holiday weekend, take a trip back in time to mid-90's dating — dial-up Internet-style, the NASA logo that re-branded the space shuttle era and octopus' territorial warfare.A tale of adolescence, technology and and pioneering Internet dating in the mid-1990s.The '90s brought personal computers into the home, shrinking the world in new ways, launching an era of AOL chat rooms and introducing parents to large modem-driven long-distance phone bills.via Ars Technica A plot of cypress trees planted in the 1980's to test disease resistance inadvertently displayed their fire resistance when a wildfire decimated the forest they were in, leaving them standing tall and 98 percent undamaged.via Ars Technica This week, Google announced a new iteration of its logo [Author note: It looks to me like the Lego Duplo version of Google's old logo; so round!], and it seems like the design community is at least tentatively embracing the new look.via the BBC Mystics have long been part of the Afghan cultural lifeblood, but religious hard-liners have been cracking down on the centuries-old practice.

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Thirty-eight years ago this week, Viking 2 landed on Mars after a 333-day trip. Goddard at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., in 1924. Goddard died in 1945, but was likely as responsible for the dawning of the Space Age as the Wrights were for the beginning of the Air Age.Ballooning certification is providing an unlikely avenue to FAA compliance.via The Verge Gallium-arsenide solar cells replaces the usual silicon solar cells in these artificial sun-tracking metal flowers.

Two designers hope to preserve the legacy of the iconic NASA "worm" logo used between 19, which was replaced by the agency's current "meatball" logo.The "worm" logo was a result of the Federal Design Improvement Program, a program started by President Nixon with a memo to the heads of all federal departments asking how the arts and artists could make their jobs better.

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