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Place of Birth: Lima, Peru Date of Birth: 3 March 1985 Ethnicity: Argentinian, Peruvian Nathalie Kelley is an actress.She was born in Peru, to an Argentinian father and a Peruvian mother.Herrera and Kelley will be playing versions of the lead characters played by John Travolta and Debra Winger in the movie.Also cast in the pilot is , written and directed by Craig Brewer, follows star-crossed young lovers Kyle (Herrera) and Gaby (Kelley) as they pursue their dreams and passions through the sweat of line dancing in honky tonks, the grime of the oil refineries and the glamour of modern Texas.

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Currently studying immigration law in Dallas and recently engaged to an attorney, Gaby returns home to Houston for a brief time, stunned to learn of her father’s failing health and the past taxes owed on the business.Determined to turn things around, she is given carte blanche by her dad, who knows Gaby has what it takes to shore up the bar.I do understand in some countries the N-word is still acceptable, but I’m not from those countries.There are lots of words out there that mean white people. But they are consider offensive , which is why I don’t use them. If it’s not to much trouble, I would appreciate you adding them to the site , Thanks .

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It’s about family legacies, starting over, finding true love and the American dream.

Gaby is the gorgeous, feisty, independent minded, bright and resourceful daughter of Marshall (Jim Belushi), the owner of Gilley’s, a super-popular Houston honky tonk.

The Yates family moves down the street from an abandoned nuclear plant and their dog has puppies with a local stray.… continue reading »

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I am really satisfied with her live show, she always wants to give her best in order..… continue reading »

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