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HMS Pickle was the fastest and one of the hardiest ships in the Royal Navy.3275, issued by the Navy Office in July for building two sloops of war in Bermuda; draught no.3276, for building the two sloops Bermuda and Indian (the brother of famous British writer Jane Austen, later an Admiral, commanded the latter from her commissioning in Bermuda); draught No. 3276, for fitting out the Bermuda and Indian; draught No.She was the small warship HMS Pickle of the Royal Navy. She played a unique role in the Battle of Trafalgar in which the Royal Navy, with 448 dead and 1,241 wounded, soundly defeated the French.Their navy had 4,408 dead, 1,545 wounded and lost 23 of their 33 ships in the battle.Bermuda-built sloops - similar to the one shown above - had unique advantages.Their construction from Bermuda cedar ensured they were durable and resistant to shipworm.The French Navy, which caused the blockade that was the major factor in the British defeat by the Americans, had been smashed. This was why Ireland Island in Sandys Parish, the former separate, narrow serrated island that pushes out into the Atlantic at the extreme north west of Bermuda, formally started to become, from 1809 when it was officially acquired by the British Admiralty, a Royal Navy base of one-time huge significance.

Cedar was plentiful then and unlike oak, from which many of the larger ships were made in the United Kingdom, did not require seasoning.

One such Bermuda-built schooner established her own special claim to fame in 1805.

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