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24-Nov-2015 22:52

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No need to get a headache while you try to come up with cutesy first-date ideas: just suggest an evening spent of revisiting Jesse Pinkman’s best moments on The concept was developed by creative agency Super Heroes, though the charmingly designed project is not the first of its kind.

Here’s how it will work: Netfling gathers data from your Netflix account, figures out your most watched TV-shows and films, and presents possible suitors with the same taste in pop culture.

What better interest to have in common with a potential partner than a great TV series like How is it intended to work?

Unlike many other dating sites/apps, My Show Mate doesn’t play the 20 questions game with its users.

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And the best part if you get hooked up with a fellow-Netflix-er, you won’t have to quibble over the remote control!

Here’s hoping that a Netflix-obsessed VC takes note of Angela’s idea and invests in her venture.