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She said one potential client told her he would never buy a roof from a woman.When another customer-asked why the company hadn't sent a man to give an estimate, Cordova told him that she owned the business, was the most educated person in the company and knew just as much about roofing as the men who worked for her."And it was really bizarre ;because he bought the roof !Even then, to her great frustration, the bankers would not loosen their purse strings.Steward helped Cordova master the roofing business, but some people were not convinced that a woman could succeed in construction.

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Steward had owned a construction company, but it failed because it lacked a good administrator, Cordova said.

With Cordova's administrative skills and Steward's project-rnanagement experience, the couple decided they had the ingredients for a new company.

According to 2002 Census figures released yesterday, Hispanics continued to own the most companies among minorities: 1.6 million, a 31% increase from 1997. 425 Pine Ave Santa Barbara, CA 93117 To entrepreneur Tina Cordova, the reason is obvious: economic desperation.

While white women in the work force make about 77 cents to every dollar earned by white men, according to data from the 2000 census, Hispanic women are paid 53 cents.

With numbers like those, Cordova, the president, majority shareholder and chief executive of Queston Construction in Albuquerque, N.M., said it was no wonder that so many Hispanic and other minority women plunge into entrepreneurship.