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26-Jul-2016 02:11

August 28, 2015 – The controversial CEO of Avid Life Media, Noel Biderman, has resigned his position due to fallout surrounding the Ashley Madison hack.

More than a billion dollars in lawsuits have already been filed against Avid Life Media.

With Valentine’s Day near, it’s time to bring on the economists.

“Dating markets are a good example of matching markets,” says Alvin Roth, who won a Nobel Prize in...

"Accepting that people do lie and there are sexual predators and scammers on these sites — and of course they are everywhere — but when you are talking to someone on a phone it is even easier to lie, it is even easier to have a false identity, it is even easier to lure people to create a sense of intimacy and trust without them ever having seen you," she said.

According to dating site e, 53 per cent of users lie on their profiles, mostly about things like age, height, weight and income.

There’s no human interaction the Internet can’t make even more alienating, and that goes double for finding a mate.

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"You need to hold back your location, where you live, where you are going to be or where you are at the present moment," Ordolis cautions.

With roughly 14.3 million single people in Canada and more than one third of Canadians using online dating, a tech columnist says caution is needed when looking for love on the world wide web.

"It is no different than meeting someone anywhere else," Jamey Ordolis told Ordolis says sometimes it's easier for someone to be dishonest when not meeting in person.

This comes after a hacker group calling itself “Impact Team” released private data of Ashley Madison […] In the fourth episode of The Single Life we get to hear all about how the first date went between Brent and Carly.

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"We Snapchat, we tag all of our social media posts with locations and it creates a false sense that it is a safe thing to do and it is not.

I wouldn't share so much that an online predator could manipulate you, use something to prey on your vulnerabilities and then lure you in." For single parents, Ordolis recommends keeping children out of the equation, pointing to a recent Prince Edward Island court case.