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And at The, well, the headline is, 'EXCLUSIVE IMAGE' — in all caps, colon — 'Anthony Weiner Penis Pictures And Timeline.' "And they have a picture there. And you see his feet there on the ground, and he's doing, like, this [hand motion].And it's all blurry — the part that would take you to that site. A Rhode Island doctor has had his license suspended by the Health Department after drugging a female patient and making sexual advances towards her. Afshin Nasseri gave the patient an injection of Midazolam, a sedative that is most commonly used before endoscopy or colonoscopy procedures and causes temporary amnesia.Nasseri administered this drug to a female patient who came to his office earlier this month complaining of pain in her right shoulder, according to the Department of Health.

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Nasseri asked the patient to disrobe and put on an examination gown.

After injecting the drug, Nasseri “asked the patient about her sex life and then returned with a needle and syringe and administered it to her left arm,” the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline states in its suspension order.

In 2007, he voluntarily surrendered his license due to an “episodic medical condition” that rendered him unable to “practice safely.” He was later reinstated after agreeing to be monitored by the Physician Health Committee of the Rhode Island Medical Society.

Nasseri then turned off the lights and told the woman “to relax.” After that, Nasseri “kissed her on the mouth and moved her legs,” according to the patient’s complaint.

He also allegedly called her cell phone on “numerous occasions,” offering to visit her at home.