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03-Apr-2015 18:57

Now, it seems, “arbitration” can be a unilateral arbitration.

Now we also have succinct propaganda kit to try to convince the world to kick China’s ass for its bullying in the South China Sea.

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These four, each with veto powers over any of the body’s resolution are: US, Russia, France, United Kingdom, and—since 1971—the People’s Republic of China.The arbitral court’s decision is certainly a blow to China’s image, which the Court in effect portrayed as a bully in the South China Sea that even drives away lowly fishermen from international waters.The hitch is that so far, superpowers normally ignore rulings not only of the Arbitration Court, but even of the International Court of Justice, even with a resolution of the UN demanding that they comply with decisions of such international bodies.But again, if we ask how other permanent members of the Security Council have acted in similar circumstances, the answer will not be one we like.

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When the Court rejected China’s objection, Beijing refused to participate in its hearings and made it clear that it will ignore the PCA’s ruling.The United States and others have criticized Beijing for taking this stance.