Niche dating taurus

04-May-2016 09:00

However, astrologers say that the analogy is based on the concept of Capricorns being hard-working, determined and successful Libra was the third most popular star sign in our members’ searches. Geminis are known to be intelligent and entertaining.

Like their symbol (scales) suggests, people who fall under the sign of Libra are balanced individuals and are said to be very diplomatic when considering the feelings of others. Cancerians are said to be family-orientated, sensitive and creative.

’, we were shocked to discover that 13% of Muddy Matches members who search by star sign, look for Scorpios.

So we thought we’d do a bit of digging to find out what characteristics would make each star sign a good or a bad partner and why Scorpios are so popular. Scorpios are represented by the scorpion (a fact I didn’t even have to Google) and fall under the category of water signs.

We’ve recently discovered just how important someone’s star sign is to our members.

Bearing in mind that there are 12 signs of the zodiac and one option entitled ‘who cares?

People who select this option don’t give a toffee about what star sign their potential partner is.

The ‘who cares’ lot can usually tell you what star sign they are, but will only be found reading about star signs for the purpose of exclaiming “what a load of rubbish”.

Leos are regarded as being generous, loyal and ambitious.Virgos are thought to be reliable, truthful and thoughtful.The second most popular star sign in people’s searches is earth sign Capricorn.Based on the image of a goat you’d imagine that people who fall under the star sign would be excellent at climbing and at eating everything in sight; particularly welly boots.

Scorpios are regarded as independent, passionate and loyal in equal measure, and are also known to be fearless, sensitive and deep thinkers.

The second most common search term is one I understand better than any other.