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14-Apr-2015 08:39

I could count on my fingers the number of times I've touched this guy in the three years I've known him, and trying to transition my thoughts from viewing him as a brother in Christ to a potential husband is difficult.Before I found Boundless, I had already started a "buddy" relationship with one of my best guy friends.He moved across the country several months ago, but we still talk through email almost every day.I can't really put my finger on what it is about him that I'm not attracted to; it's just that he's not the type of guy I ever saw myself with.

I don't hug my guy friends except for rare occasions (like when we're saying goodbye before a long time apart), I don't give or receive back massages from guys, won't hold their hands or put my arm around them or let them do any of that to me.

This has always been an important way for me to protect myself from having impure thoughts.

I'm almost certain now that he's interested in me as more than a friend, and I expect him to ask me out soon, if I just give him a little more encouragement.

The problem is that I respect and care about him so much, but I'm not physically attracted to him.

I think it's appropriate that I have been protecting myself from forming physical/sexual desires for him while we're still just friends.I am very cuddly and comfortable with my girl friends, but with my guy friends, I basically have a no-touch policy.