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How Can Civil Society Be More Involved in Reducing this Crime?Trauma Effects on Children-Boys Can be Victims Too- Eliminating Gender Bias Viewing pornography and child abuse imagery by youth affects their future relationships and their development What to do When the Perpetrator is the Child’s Parent and the Buyer is a Teenager?Conclusion Bibliography In the year 2014, human trafficking is still prevalent.Traffickers around the world abuse vulnerable individuals and rob them of their freedom to be safe from harm despite the international and national laws that are in place.Shawn Henry, former Executive Assistant Director of the FBI informed the public that the Internet, despite its contribution to knowledge, has many setbacks.

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Introduction Appeal of the Internet for Traffickers and Buyers Appeal of Internet to Children and Teens Advances in Technology How Should One Refer to the Criminals Who Engage in this Crime?

Cyber -Sex-Trafficking: As Harmful as “Traditional” Sex Trafficking Type of Services to be Given Child Sex-Trafficking Victims and Potential Victims How Can the U. Limit Access to Pornographic and Sexually Explicit Material of Children without Violating the Right of Free Speech?